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Several institutes of the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences have come up with significant contributions to the elaboration and production of domestic medicaments. At a recent joint session of the presidiums of two academies-SB RAS and SB RAMS-opportunities in this field were discussed, ready projects have been demonstrated and plans for the near future publicized. Novosibirsk Institute of Organic Chemistry is among the leading scientific centers in this sphere. Igor Grigoryev, deputy director of the Institute has told us about its achievements.

Medicines as such have never been on our list before. Though it must be pointed out that if in the course of research related to organic chemistry anything interesting showed itself which had any bearing on medicine, it was supported by all means. As a result food additives, adaptogenes and immunostimulants created at our institute have become quite well-known. Today, on the contrary, the motto of our work collective headed by Academician Heinrich Tolstikov is: We are preparing and shall prepare medicaments from natural as well as from synthetic raw materials.

Some of them were first studied (they are included in different programs) in Ufa at the Chemical Institute. In particular, this is true of Allapinin-an antiarrhythmic heart preparation. At present we are trying to organize its manufacture on the basis of a local plant-northern aconite; in 1999 enormous work was carried out for extraction of the plant and an experimental lot of the preparation was obtained.

One of the latest achievements is a food additive-antioxifite-created by the efforts of our institute and a number of scientific research medical institutions. It possesses antioxidant activity and immunocorrective properties. It is recommended together with antitumor chemotherapy.

Among preparations worked out in Ufa we must also mention an antiphlogistic antirheumatoid preparation Niglizin made from licorice roots. Besides, it possesses anti-ulcer and antivirus properties. At present we are working at the norms of 2 medicinal forms of Niglizin-injection and peroral.

In 1999 our Institute received a grant for the creation of a domestic anti-ulcer synthetic preparation Metilan, stimulating regeneration ofmucosa and other tissues, possessing antiphlogistic effect as well as ability to reduce acidity of gastric juice. Still another antiphlogistic preparation is ready for clinical tests-Bisulfamin, having anesthetic and anti-ulcer effects.

All phases of development has gone through and is recommended for use Oximethyluracil, which is an immunostimulant recommended in cases of acute pneumonia, acute abscess of the lung, suppurative chronic bronchitis and other diseases that take place against a background of secondary immunodeficient state.

A number of preparations of Novosibirsk Institute of Organic Chemistry such as Antiherpes silur, benziobenzoate, cardiac medicine Metoprolol, Tirozol, etc. are known not only in Russia but also in the countries of the former USSR. We are participating in some projects to create new medicaments, such as a program initiated by Gazprom and including a number of trends, namely, fundamental study of the mechanism

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of effect on the organism of some natural substances.

The question arises: why waste time, efforts and means on our own preparations when there exist imported analogs? This is done to correct some shortcomings of the latter as many of them, especially those having antiphlogistic effect, result in ulcer, while our analogs in most cases have also an anti-ulcer effect.

How to produce all above-mentioned preparations? There are two variants of solving the problem. The first-to create technology of getting the substance and, having worked it out on a pilot installation, to find a partner who will be able to start its production in necessary quantities. The second-to carry out some operations at home: to work out in small quantities (about 10 kg each) an active ingredient, the more so, as the institute has a building for model installations. In fact, we have already started such work with one of the small-dose preparations for medical treatment of cardio- vascular diseases. However, it is obvious that quite considerable expenses are necessary to be able to expand production as well as licensing of the substance and processes of its development. Besides, medicinal preparations require specific conditions-premises must be properly equipped, sanitary norms observed, etc. That's why we develop such substances at feleral orders or on commercial contracts with companies and enterprises having appropriate licenses and they manufacture tablets from it and offer them to consumers.

Today an important decision is being prepared concerning the foundation of a licensing center in Siberia itself. In this case all medicaments will be registered here on the base of the accredited multi-purpose laboratory. We have all necessary conditions to make this project a reality: our institute has its own pharmaceutical group, we are building a special complex for tests before preparations get to clinics, we will be working in cooperation with the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. In a number of Siberian clinics we are organizing what we call scientific-practical centers with the aim of promoting new medications.


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