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V. I. Kasyanenko. Shaping a New Attitude to Labour and Discipline in the USSR

The author summarises the experience of moulding a new attitude to labour and discipline in the transition period, discusses the main directions of the struggle for inculcating a new attitude to work and labour discipline, difficulties and obstacles encountered by the working class, the Communist Party and the Soviet state in fulfilling this task. The historical experience and social practice have convincingly demonstrated that labour and morals are inceparable, that their educational role has increased. The author shows that labour and moral education of the Soviet people is unthinkable without systematic and effective measures by the socialist society.

Z. V. Stepanov. The Factory and Plant Committees between February and October 1917

In his research of the activity of the Petrograd factory and plant committees in the period of preparation for the Great October Socialist Revolution (March-October 1917) the author draws on mass documentary materials. The article also cites concrete-historical data which substantially complements the history of the factory and plant committees and deepened our knowledge of their role in the 1917 revolutionary events.

E. Yu. Soloviev. Martin Luther-an Outstanding Figure in the German and European

History The author takes as his subject the activity of Luthter, who was a religious ideologue of German burghers. His reformist ideas were in conformity with the epoch of the early bourgeois revolutions. Luther was one-sided in his agitation for an overthrow of church feudalism, against Papacy and class struggle, in his condemnation of peasant movements. At the same time, his criticism of the Catholic Church, his recognition of an independent nature of the state-political relations, his religious and moral approval of labour and business initiative, his support of the idea of universal primary education drew his teaching closer to the ideology and culture of the New Times.

I. Sevostianov. USA: Militarism for Policy

The author reviews new trends in the US "national security policy" of the early 1980s and gives an analysis of historical preconditions for aggressive activities of the Reagan Administration, of the essence and basic thrust of its political strategy and military build-up. Militarism, the author concludes, the global nature of the present war danger engendered by the right wing American elite is the major element of contemporary general crisis of capitalism.

N. Sever. The 1918 - 1939 Zionist Colonisation of Palestine

The policy of the World Zionist Organisation in Palestine which was a mandate territory between the two world wars is discussed. The author reveals the levers of the economic and political Zionist influence of the masses, writes about the British-Zionist cooperation in the region. In the 1920s and 1930s the Jewish immigration was mainly of economic character, that is, it was caused by objective socio-economic processes, used by the Zionist to reach their ends. The article dwells in detail on the results of Jewish immigration and Zionist colonisation of Palestine, and the consequences which had resulted in the Palestine problem.


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