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O. A. LI, N. G. NEFEDOV. Soviet Energy Resources in the Period of Developed Socialism.

A detailed study of the comprehensive programme for the development of Soviet energetics and its broad potentialities in the conditions of developed socialism, with particular attention paid to the Tenth Five-Year period and the "Guidelines for the Economic and Social Development of the USSR for 1981 - 85 and the Period Ending in 1990".

E. L. RUDNITSKAYA. The French Edition of "Kolokol" Published by Herzen and Ogarev (1868 - 1869).

The author takes as her subject the ideological evolution of Herzen's propaganda and its historical orientation as expressed in the French edition of "Kolokol" intended for the Western reader. The article concentrates chiefly on the problem of "Russia and the West", notably on such of its aspects as "Kolokol's" appraisal of European national movements, the modern state, taken in its historical setting, the character of bourgeois-democratic institutions, the correlation between Russian and West European historical development, between the "Russian socialism" and revolutionary movement and the international workers' movement and socialist thought.

N. V. MINAEVA. Governmental Constitutionalism in Post-1812 Russia.

The "Ustavnaya Gramota", a draft constitution of the Russian Empire, issued by Alexander I's government in 1818 - 1820, is the subject of this article. The author discusses it in the context of European constitutional policies stemming from the Vienna Congress and international relations of post-Napoleonic Europe, and compares it with earlier legislative projects - the "Zhalovannaya Gramota" of 1801, the political treatises of the brothers Vorontsov, the projects of M. Sperantov and N. Mordvinov. The analysis of the document reveals some elements of bourgeois political legislation and single out common features and principal differences between the ideology of its authors and of the revolutionaries from the nobility.

V. A. BORDUKOV, K. V. KOBYLYANSKY. Lenin and the Italian Revolutionary Workers' Movement.

The article describes Lenin's role in the development of the Italian workers' movement, in strengthening the revolutionary forces within the Italian Socialist Party and, after the founding of the Italian Communist Party, in overcoming sectarianism, and making the Party the vanguard of the Italian working people. The article also shows the impact of the October Socialist Revolution on the struggle of the Italian working people, the differentiation process and the emergence of a revolutionary trend within the Italian Socialist Party.

V. B. LAPTEV. Petty-Bourgeois, Nationalist Tendencies in the CCP and the Emergence of the CPR's Anti-Soviet Course.

The objective conditions under which the Communist Party of China was formed and acted predetermined the prevalence of petty bourgeois tendencies and the advancement to its leadership of political figures like Mao Zedong who strove to establish his individual rule over the Party, consolidate its anti-Soviet, anti- Communist positions, turn it into an instrument for achievement of his great-power, hegemonistic aims. Alter a bitter struggle the Maoists managed to remove from the Party, and political life in general, Communists who, guided by Marxism-Leninism, supported friendly relations with the USSR and cooperation with the world Communist movement. The Maoists imposed upon the Party and the state their own anti-popular course fraught with danger for the cause of peace. Their break with Marxism-Leninism and their anti-Sovietism stimulated in the 1970s, a turn to the right. In foreign policy and the drive for modernisation the Beijing leaders are cooperating with the USA and other capitalist countries.


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