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B. A. TULEPBAYEV. The Historic Significance of Kazakhstan's Voluntary Incorporation in Russia.

Kazakhstan's joining Russia was preconditioned by the economic, political and cultural ties between the two peoples. It was a turning point which resulted in progressive changes in this huge but backward region: it was drawn into economic and political life of the Russian centralised state and its democratic and revolutionary process. The article traces the sources of friendship between the Russian and the Kazakh people; describes the internationalist assistance by the Russian and other Soviet peoples in building developed socialism in Kazakhstan, the successes of the Leninist cultural policy, and progress in the economic, cultural and scientific fields.

A. A. ARAKELOV. Monopolisation of the Russian Tobacco Industry.

A study of the stage-by-stage monopolisation of the Russian tobacco industry in 1905 - 1915; degree and scale of production and capital concentration with special emphasis to competition in this highly monopolised industry.

N. A. GORSKAYA. Trends in the Peasant Class Struggle at the End of the 17th Century.

The peasant unrest in the Zheleznoborovsky Monastery (Galich Uezd) in the 1680s and 1690s analysed here was typical of the tendencies of the peasant class struggle at the end of the 17th century. This is the first time it has been subjected to historical research, and the author uses a number of hitherto unknown archive materials to provide a fuller picture of the events.

N. V. SIVACHEV. The Roosevelt New Deal.

A survey of the main trends of American historiography on the New Deal. The author analyses the economic, social and political aspects of the New Deal policy as a process of the growing over of US monopoly capitalism into state-monopoly capitalism. The reforms in industry, agriculture, finance, labour relations, the state unemployment relief and the introduction of the state social security system are discussed in some detail. The author reveals the role of the US working class and democratic forces in winning social legislation, analyses political struggle and the substantial changes in the two-party system in the second half of the 1930s.

V. V. SOVASTEYEV. Evolution of Japanese Bourgeois Historiography of the Meiji Revolution.

The author analyses the key tendencies in the development of Japanese bourgeois historiography of this incomplete bourgeois revolution, along with main trends and schools in Japanese historical science of the last century, their conceptions and their influence on contemporary Japanese historians. The author shows what is behind the present growth of reactionary tendencies in contemporary Japanese bourgeois historiography.

Yu. N. AFANASYEV. Evolution of the Theoretical Basis of the "Les Annales" School.

The author analyses the methodological principles of the French historians associated with the "Annales" journal from its inception in 1929 to our day in the context of contemporary historiography. Discussing their theoretical and concrete historical studies, he singles out three main stages in the development of this school.


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