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ACADEMICIAN T. T. PIOTROVSKY, V. A. TISHKOV. Soviet Historical Science in the Tenth Five-Year Plan Period

A survey of the latest achievements of Soviet historians working in the institutes of the USSR Academy of Sciences in such fields as the methodology of history, fundamental research, key problems of the history of the USSR and of other countries, results of work in the specialised branches of historical science (Slavonic and Balkan studies, history of the peoples of Asia, Africa and Latin America), in auxiliary historical disciplines (ethnography, archaeology, historiography, source studies, archaeography, the application of new research methods); the authors highly appreciated the contribution of Soviet scholars to the critique of bourgeios, revisionist and Maoist historiography. The article emphasises the link between the work of Soviet historians and practical communist construction, the growing role of Soviet historical science in ideological and educational work.

T. A. DMITRENKO, I. L. KORNAKOVSKY. The Front-Rank Worker of Our Time

The article summarises the results of a sociological poll conducted by the authors. It involved workers, among them more than 2000 front-rankers, in 52 plants in 10 major industrial centres, and seven leading branches of the national economy. The authors' purpose was to obtain comparative characteristics of all workers polled and of front- rank workers, and bring out not only the basic trends in the development of the Soviet working class, but also the dynamics of the social maturity of the participants in the movement for a communist work attitude.

A. S. SUMBATZADEH, MEMBER OF THE AZERBAIJAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES. Historical Science in the Azerbaijan Republic in the 1970s

The article reviews the achievements of Azerbaijan historians and their fundamental works on the history of Azerbaijan from ancient times to our day, the history of other Eastern countries and in the field of auxiliary historical disciplines (archaeology, ethnography, numismatics, epigraphies, anthropology).

A. S. MANYKIN, E. F. YAZKOV. Third Parties in US Politics

The article discusses the reasons for emergence and the main principles of the movements for independent political action in the United States and appearance of third parties. The authors investigate the interaction of various types of third parties and the two-party system. The more influential third parties in US history and their role in the evolution of the American party and political system are examined in some detail.

A. I. UTKIN. The Ideology of Bourgeois Europeism - Its Rise and Development

The article discusses growing integration trends in Western Europe, which has found expression in Europeism. Its underlying idea is consolidation of the independence of the West European capitalist countries on the basis of the EEC. The author singles out two main directions in contemporary Europeism, surreptitious promotion of plans to ensure the independent development and consolidation of the EEC on the pretext that the process is of definite value for the USA, and open advocacy of a separatist course for the West European capitalist states. The article discloses the class character and assesses the perspectives of this influential trend of bourgeois political thought.


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