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V. M. SELUNSKAYA. Lenin and the Socialist Transformation of the Soviet Village.

The author takes as her subject Lenin's manifold theoretical and practical work in ensuring the victory of socialism in the Soviet village. Her article refutes attempts by Sovietologists to counterpose Lenin's cooperative plan to the practice of collectivisation in the USSR. Of special interest is the author's examination of the creative development by Lenin of Marxist theory on the basis of practical experience of the Soviet cooperative movement and his conceptualisation of the concrete historical experience to bring out the general principles of the socialist transformation of the countryside.

A. I. KOZLOV. The Great October Revolution and the Cossaks of the Don, Kuban, and Terek Regions.

The article deals with the struggle for the victory of the socialist revolution in the Cossak regions of the South-Eastern part of European Russia, reveals its underlying objective socio-economic and political factors. On the eve of the 1917 revolution these regions were predominantly middle-peasant, which accounts for the Cossaks hesitation in the period of the revolution and agrarian reforms. The policy of the Soviet Government, the growing political differentiation among the Cossaks and the shifting of the middle Cossaks to positions of positive neutrality changed the correlation of forces in favour of the socialist revolution and ensured its victory.

L. V. MILOV. Peasant Struggles in 17th-18th-Century Russia.

The author challenges the view that the peasant wars were objectively aimed at the overthrow of the feudal system, and argues that though they were, the highest and most acute form of the class struggle, they were only objectively aimed at the overthrow of feudalism, remaining, objectively, within the framework of the social relations that had precipitated them. But they were of immence importance, for they greatly contributed to the demise of the feudal mode of production.

Yu. A. LVUNIN. Proletarian Solidarity with the Soviet People in the Years of the First Five-Year Plan.

The subject of the article is the main trends, specifics and the importance of international proletarian solidarity with the Soviet Union in the years of the First Five- Year Plan. It found expression in such forms as the campaign against the war danger, support of the Soviet peace policy, dissemination of truthful information about socialist construction in the USSR, assistance in developing socialist industry and agriculture. This soli-

стр. 189

darity had a strong moral and political impact, and clearly demonstrated the unity of interests and aims of the world's first socialist country and the working class of the capitalist world.

A. I. DANILOV. The Continuity Problem in the West German Historiography.

The continuity problem is a key to an understanding of the character and essence of West German historical research. The author shows that there is no unity on this problem, discusses diverse views and concepts and correlates them to concrete historical problems of the Germany's recent past and contemporary developments. The author shows that the treatment of the continuity problem by bourgeois historians is closely linked with present-day reality.


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