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S. L. TIKHVINSKY. Corresponding Member, USSR Academy of Sciences, V. A. TISHKOV.

The article reviews the 15th International Congress on Historical Sciences held in Bucharest last August, it summarises its programme and the discussion oh major subjects (Eastern Europe, an 'Area of Converging Civilisations; Peace Problems and Their Forms Throughout the Centuries; Federative and Pluralistic States; Woman in Society). It also deals with panel discussions and the proceedings of international commissions and organisations. The article describes the contribution made by Soviet scholars, the importance of the Congress discussions for. the further development of historical science, and the social and political significance of the Congress.

D. A. AVDUSIN. Archaeological Data on Town Formation in Ancient Russia.

One of the main distinguishing features of the town is the presence of handicraftsmen beginning with the earliest potters. But this was not the only factor in town formation, another was the nature of landownership. Besides, the towns became centres of internal and exteral trade, upon which they largely depended and the growth of which they influenced. Recent archaeological discoveries shed new light on the process of town formation in Ancient Russia, and necessitate a revisal of our views on the social composition of the posad (trading quarter) where feudal lords lived alongside handicraftsmen and merchants.

M. I. ABDULLIN. Bourgeois Falsification of the History of the Soviet Autonomous Republics of the Ural and Volga Areas.

The author exposes the false thesis of bourgeois historiographers that there were no socio-economic and political prerequisites for the triumph of the socialist revolution and the successful solution of the nationalities question in this region. He criticises their equally unsubstantiated contention that the non-Russian working people had no part in the Russian revolutionary movement. He convincingly demonstrates that the victory of the socialist revolution and the formation of Soviet Autonomous republics in the Ural and Volga areas were natural and logical developments.

ACADEMICIAN A. L. NAROCHNITSKY. The Greek National-Liberation Movement and Russia.

The article analyses the Russian Government's policy and the attitude of different social groups towards the Greek national-liberation movement from the beginning of the 19th century to 1829. The author shows the role Russia played in the establishment of the independent Greek state, and the support of the progressive forces in Russia for the Greek national revolution.

V. P. KUDINOV. Sixty Years of the Australian Communist Movement.

A history of the Australian Communist movement, from the founding of the Communist Party of Australia in 1920, its consistent internationalist Marxist-Leninist policy up to mid-1960s, and of the Socialist Party of Australia founded in 1972, which has been working for unity of the Left forces and the working-class movement, internationalist solidarity of the world Communist and working-class movement in the struggle against imperialism and reaction, lor peace and -socialism are discussed in the article.


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