Introductory article, translated from Coptic, notes and afterword by M. K. Trofimova (*) (c)2000г. Chapter 144 ..(after that they bring her (soul) to the rivers of fire and the seas of fire) and punish her in them for another 6 months and 8 days. After that, she is introduced to the path of the Middle, and each of the archons of the path of the Middle punishes her with their punishments for another 6 months and 8 days. After that, they lead her to the Virgin of Light, who judges the good and the bad, so that she can judge her. And when the sphere turns, she gives it to her captors to throw into the sphere's zones. And the liturgies of the sphere bring it to the water that is lower than the sphere, and it (water) becomes a boiling fire and eats it until it cleanses it completely. And there comes Jaluham, the receiver of Hosts, Adamas, who gives the cup of forgetfulness to souls, and he brings a cup filled with the water of forgetfulness, and gives it to the soul, and it drinks it, and forgets all the places and all the places that it has entered. And they throw it into the body, which will spend its time constantly worrying in its heart. This is the punishment of a person who curses." (375) Mary went on and said: "My Lord! A person who constantly slanders when he comes out of the body, where will he go, or what is his punishment?" Jesus answered, " A man who constantly slanders, when his time is done through the sphere, so that he will come out of the body, then Abiut and Harmon, Ariel's receivers, come for him, and they take his soul out of the body and spend three days wandering with it and teaching it about the creatures of the world. After that, they take her down to the underworld to Ariel, and he punishes her with his punishments of 11 months and 21 days. Then they lead her into Chaos to Yaldabaoth and his 49 demons, and each of his demons attacks her for another 11 months and 49 days, whipping her with fiery whips. After that, they lead her to rivers of fi ... Read more

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