A. A. BELIKOVA, Post-Graduate Student of the Institute of Information Technology of the Russian Academy of Sciences Egypt Keywords:, Arabic literary language, Egyptian dialect, diglossia Modern Egyptians are proud to claim that they are descendants of the founders of ancient civilizations, the Pharaohs. For the" descendants of the pyramid builders", the expression Masr Ummu Addunya sounds quite natural, which means "Egypt is the mother (homeland) of the world", one of the oldest centers of human civilization. The period of occupation of Egypt by various states, of course, was reflected in the language, religion and culture. The complex accumulation of historical realities, being under the rule of Persians, Romans, Greeks, Arabs, Turks, and the British - all this, it would seem, should have contributed to the dissolution of Egyptian self-consciousness in the flow of changing civilizations. This fate has befallen many nations. The British Egyptologist P. Newbery wrote in his book "Egypt as a field of anthropological research":: "Egypt is parchment: the Koran is written on it on top of the Bible, the Bible on top of Herodotus, and ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs shine through all the layers." 2 The gradual transition from the Coptic language to Arabic, brought by the first Muslim conquerors of Egypt under the leadership of Amr ibn al-As in the middle of the seventh century AD, and the spread of Islam did not become the basis for the rejection of "Egyptianism". Over the following centuries, a new language of the Egyptians was formed, the so-called Egyptian dialect of Arabic. Currently, it is the mother tongue of the vast majority of the Egyptian population: Luga al-Umm is the mother tongue (literally "mother tongue", "mother tongue"). It should be noted that although many Egyptians perceive the dialect as a "distortion of the correct Arabic language", there are a considerable number of those who associate it with the Egyptian heritage. Attempts have even been made to prove ... Read more

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