A.V. AFONASIEVA Candidate of Economic Sciences Far East Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences Keywords: China, re-emigrants, social problems China's rapid economic development during the period of reform and opening-up (since 1979) has created favorable conditions for doing business in the country. As a result, Chinese specialists living abroad, graduates and students of foreign universities have increased their interest in returning to their ethnic homeland. The Chinese authorities pay great attention to creating favorable conditions for their professional activities,as well as purely in everyday life. Nevertheless, many re-emigrants face very serious social problems that hinder their adaptation to new conditions. According to opinion polls of foreign Chinese students, 80% of respondents intend to return to their homeland after completing their studies, and 41% - because of the rapid growth of the Chinese economy, 36% - the desire to live with a family, 16% - problems of employment abroad, 4% - difficulties of career growth in the host country, 3% - for other reasons [1]. Indeed, the number of compatriots who have returned from abroad has increased markedly in recent years. However, it is necessary to clarify that among those who returned were not only highly qualified specialists and graduates of foreign universities, but also forced re-emigrants - people with low qualifications and the elderly. The return of Chinese specialists is an important part of the strategy of attracting highly qualified personnel to China for the innovative development of the country's economy. To this end, Beijing has developed and launched numerous research programs and grants for foreign Chinese specialists; job fairs, forums and conferences are held for them in the PRC and abroad. At the central and local levels, the authorities are doing everything possible to improve the working and living conditions of returnees. Those who come to work in state institutions are assisted in o ... Read more

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