Keywords: Somalia, pirates, failed state, nation restoration E. A. ELKINA Institute of Africa, Russian Academy of Sciences Mohammed Abdi Hassan, the" famous "captain of the Somali sea robbers, nicknamed" Big Mouth", said that he was stopping piracy and called on others to abandon this "dirty" fishing.1 For several years, his name inspired fear on the crews of merchant ships, and his wallet swelled from multimillion-dollar ransoms. But the pirate business has recently become too dangerous and unprofitable. "Big Mouth" and similar organizers of criminal business paid regular members of their teams up to $40 thousand a year each, bribed officials, and had to share the income with the tribal sheikhs. Hundreds of Somalis have not returned from their dangerous fishing trip, and their fate is unknown. The ocean can keep secrets. Many organizers of sea robbery followed the example of the "Big Mouth". They have already invested in real estate in Kenya and other African countries, opened accounts for front persons in the Persian Gulf and even Europe, and have decided to refrain from risky "investments" in this criminal business. The " Big Horn "itself lost its vigilance: having gone to Europe on business, it was arrested on October 12 last year at Brussels Airport 2. Now he will have to pay for the organization of sea robbery. As of August 31, 2013, a total of 176 pirate attacks were recorded worldwide, 10 of which resulted in hijackings of ships. In Somali waters-out of 10 pirate attacks, 2 were successful, 57 crew members were held captive.3 For five years, since 2007, Somali pirates have been rampant in the Gulf of Aden and the Arabian Sea. In 2008, these sea robbers attacked 111 vessels, and 42 attacks were successful. Both ships and their crews were traded for ransom. For each captured vessel, the ransom, on average, was $3 million. Piracy peaked in 2011, when there were 176 pirate attacks. That year, they received a ransom of $146 million for 25 stolen ships. These data ... Read more

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